The second of our Open Days this week concentrated on our range of Gimbal stabilisers from Defy. We’ve seen gimbal stabilisers develop over the last two years and at Prokit we’ve selected the Defy range as they represent a combination of quality build, materials and performance at an excellent price.

Gimbal Wide Shot 3   With a Defy gimbal you can pull off fast tracking shots that skirt the ground and then tilt up, pan in different directions and float though open windows. The shot possibilities available to you with these gimbals are really down to the limit of your own imagination. We had the Defy G2, G5 and G12 gimbals set up and ready with a selection of popular mirrorless, DSLR and large-sensor video cameras.

THE G12:

G12 The G12 is at the top of the Defy range and takes up to a 6KG payload, so we put that to the test with a Canon C300, 24mm cine lens and Atomos Ninja Blade. This was the heaviest of our set ups but it worked a treat: We can see this system working well with Sony F5/55, Red Epic (stripped down) and the Canon C500 with an external recorder bolted to the top bar.


G5 The G5 can take up to 3KG and is perfect with a Canon 5D (and other DSLRs, even a 1DC) and stripped down C100 and Sony FS700s. This is their mid-range system and was very popular during the Open Day! We had this system decked out with a SmallHD DP4 monitor clamped to the top bar.

 THE G2:

BMPCC on Defy We coupled our G2 – the smallest Defy gimbal – with a super lightweight Sony NEX-3 mirroless camera. This system was a revelation: We could run with it, lift it high to low like a jib shot…anything we wanted! It really did pay to have an ultra-lightweight solution. Imagine this system with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera , or a new 4K Panasonic GH4. Or rather than imagining it, come down and try it out! We really enjoyed our Defy Gimbal Open Day at Prokit and thanks to everybody who attended. Remember our showroom is open Monday-Friday and if you could not make the day you can always call us and book some time with us to get to grips with these versatile new devices.