Safina, by DP Susanne Willet, is the latest short film to use AadynTech’s range of high-output LED fixtures. The production features a young girl, a victim of human trafficking. The scenes included a range of indoor and outdoor locations, and the brief was lighting that was sensitive to the emotive subject, whilst still being versatile enough for the demanding locations.


After a test at Green Film Kit’s offices, Susanne was impressed with the output and accuracy of the AadynTech JAB Daylight and Variable. Both fixtures offered her the output required for the shoot, whilst consuming substantially less power than the equivalent HMI. Full range dimming, and strobe effects presented their own advantages, and the colour temperature control on the JAB Variable reduced the requirement for gels, reducing rigging time.


After the shoot Susanne commented, “I used one or both of the heads in every lighting set up across the shoot.”  She went on to say:

I found the daylight head provided a strong source, which was easily malleable and complimented by the lens options and highly accurate dimmer. I also found the lighting effect controller to be creative, convenient and effective allowing me to create a credible police light simulation. I was very happy with the results achieved by bouncing the daylight JAB and forming a moonlight effect for Scene 3. The JAB created a soft atmospheric glow which contrasted perfectly with the intensity of the Hexlights later in the scene. The bi-colour lamp, although not as powerful as the daylight head, has a beautiful quality to it and enabled me to achieve a subtle backlight, which was the foundation for our night exterior sequence.



All AadynTech’s fixtures are available to purchase from Prokit, contact Sebastian Kanabar for an on-site demo or with any rental enquiries.