BAFTA-nominated DP Robert Hollingworth has just wrapped on one of the first major UK projects to use AadynTech's range of high power LED lights. The project, commissioned by Sky and produced by Atlantic Productions, required filming insects a high speed using a specially adapted camera rig. Initially disappointed with the performance of the 2.5Kw and 4Kw MSR fixtures being used, he approached Prokit to explore alternatives. After a demonstration by Sebastian Kanabar, Robert established that the AadynTech fixtures would be ideal for the project. Further testing concluded that the output exceeded his requirements. After the first shoot with the heads, he commented:

"The AadynTech ECO Punch Plus and JABs [Variable and Daylight} were superb. We ended up using them on every shot in the end. The ECO Punch was used in place of a 2KW and the JABs as fills. Mostly very close to the insects and the insects didn't mind at all. The heat was fine. Good at high speed too. If anything they aren't concentrated enough, i.e. too much of a wash light. So I made a Fresnel lens for the ECO which really helped. The AadynTech LEDs enabled us to get behaviour that we'd otherwise not have managed, so I can't speak more highly of them. They feature in the making of film too, at least they were filmed with me explaining their benefits.

Colour temp of the AadynTechs were good at 56k and matched well with the Source 4 HMI that I used with them."

Further information will be released after the first transmission of the programme in June 2013.