GoPro 4 from Prokit


GoPro Hero 4 now in stock at Prokit. Oh, you already know that.

And you've got a GoPro already. OK.

Well did you know you can add the kind of professional control that you used to use with larger cameras?

A matte box and filters could be useful. We also stock Lee Filters "Bug" system. The LEE Bug for GoPro Hero 3+ and Hero 4, gives photographers and filmmakers even wider scope for creativity and control with a sturdy holder and a range of high quality, optically correct filters. The 3-Stop ND Grad will add detail to the sky and prevent over exposure. The filter can be left in place for pretty much all outdoor filming and the effects are plain to see. The Polariser is especially helpful when filming on snow or water. It will reduce glare, increase contrast, and saturate colour.

In The Action Kit Box:
LEE Bug holder
0.9 ND Grad (3 Stops)
High quality glass polariser
Protective pouch
Cleaning cloth

BuG & Curve


A Steadicam could be useful too. We also stock the Steadicam Curve. Small enough to carry around in your pocket, the Steadicam Curve offers complete versatility when you're out and about, grinding rails or about to shred some powder down the Alps! Create short clips of stunts, tricks or any kind of action. You can slip it back into your jacket pocket when finished with.







All colours available from Prokit.