DSLR users now have the capability to control their camera remotely thanks to the new DEC Wireless Remote Adapter from Aputure.

Unveiled earlier this year the follow focus tool can support all Canon EF-mount and EF-S mount lenses, allowing them to attach to MFT mount or E-mount cameras.

The adapter can wirelessly and remotely adjust the lens's aperture extremely smoothly and also control variable speeds of focus pulling.


Prokit got hands-on with the new kit and made note of the useful ability to choose between two focus points using the mark/stop mode. This feature is accessed via the A/B buttons on the side of the control.

Additionally, the Start/Stop button on the front of the device controls the pace of the focusing, and it vibrates when maximum focus is reached.

The DEC Wireless Remote Adapter from Aputure is available to order from our website today. But you can also pop into our Chiswick showroom to take a look at the gadget for yourself.