Atomos is pleased to announce the release of Atomos 2.0: the next stage in the evolution of the Ninja. Originally intended to be a "point" release, this version contains so many improvements that it was renamed 2.0 to reflect the importance of the firmware. All Ninja users will benefit from this easy-to-apply upgrade.

New features in 2.0:

- Perfect playback of ProRes clips at the Ninja's full-screen resolution
- Touchscreen scrub navigation: instant seek to any point - even on an 8 hour clip.
- Shuttle controls (stop, step, play, fast fwd, fast fast fwd, fast rwd, fast fast rwd)
- Frame-by-frame advance and reverse
- Complete on-set navigation and review of shots
- Completely independent of camera: check your shots on the way home.
- All touchscreen controls

- Time of Day Timecode for Multicamera shoots
- Record run
- Auto Restart
- Set start point (begin timecode at user-given time for Rec Run and Auto Start)
- Timecode from LANC (auto detect of Drop Frame TC)
- Drop Frame Functionality

Improved File Naming
- No two files on the same drive will have the same name
- Unit Naming: Give a customisable name to your unit which in turn names the removable media so as to be easily recognised (i.e. Camera 1)
- Sequential file naming