Over at the Atomos Stand at IBC the company known for their well-priced Pro Res recorders were showing off two well-designed converters.


The Atomos “Connect” converters can be used to convert HDMI to HDSDI or alternatively HDSDI to HDMI. Pleasenote that you won’t be able to go in either direction on one converter: you’ll need the one specific to the conversion you require.

So why is a converter exciting to us? Well in the case of the Atomos “Connect” it’s the design: the unit features a built-in Sony L-series battery plate and is stackable. That means you can use standard Sony NPF series batteries to power the converter on location, and only use one battery for a whole stack of converters.


The intelligently designed “Connect” will be available Xmas 2011 approximately and cost around £220.