Thank you to the team at Blackmagic Design for holding their informative European Roadshow yesterday in London.

It was great to hear from professionals (James Tonkin, Anton Nelson & Den Lennie) who had been out and shot with the much anticipated Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

They also had some of the hang-ups that I did before using the camera, mostly form factor and in the inbuilt battery, so it was good to see that after a shoot their minds were changed. The solidness and rubber grips on the body mean that it can be cradled quite comfortably and with an abundance of grip available (like the Shape Rigs) its shape shouldn’t be a problem. For power James used a Hawkwood’s NPF adapter, which can effectively charge the in-built battery while in use.

The day was mostly based around making the short film ‘A Night In Nine Elms’ . They were given rules they had to stick by, it had to be night time and lightweight and the end result is spectacular. I’m sure the short will appear on Vimeo soon, so watch this space.

The second half of the day was based around the post side of things, which when using the raw recording is essential knowledge. First Final Cut X, which simple design and new features make it a breeze to use. He cut together a short piece in real time and made it look like child’s play. You can download a 30 day trial, so give it a go and let us know what you think.

Then we were shown DaVinci Resolve, the grading software that is supplied free with the camera. This software complimented Final Cut X nicely, was easy to use, the speed of rendering was mind blowing and the tracking feature spectacular. All the features shown are available in the free 'lite' version, so download it now! Blackmagic even have some raw footage from the camera for you to play around with, downloads below.

Shot 1: (141 frames)

Shot 2: (109 frames)

Shot 3: (69 frames)

Shot 4: (131 frames)

Shot 5: (101 frames)