It’s good when a manufacturer listens to its customer base with a view to bettering an existing product, and that’s exactly what Canon have done with the upcoming firmware update for the Canon 5D Mark 3.

Canon will be releasing a firmware update for the 5D Mark 3 that allows for clean, uncompressed 4:2:2 output from the HDMI. Ok, so the update won’t happen until April next year, but this is a big step forward nonetheless for DSLR shooters and has the potential to open up the 5D Mark 3 to broadcast jobs as it enables the use of external recorders.


It remains to be seen if broadcasters like the BBC will allow footage from the 5D Mark 3 recorded onto external recorders to be used for broadcast: We can’t know that until the relevant engineers at the larger broadcasters have tested it and given it the all clear, but what is good about this move is that Canon are – to an extent – keeping the DSLR form factor alive.

Over the last year Canon have created a 35mm line up designed to pull professional camera people away from DSLR shooting. This is fine as the purpose-built video alternatives are superior, but for me there is still an attraction to shooting DSLR in some situations because of their diminutive size and the fact that they double as a stills camera. Moreover, there is - in some strange way - still a sense of rebellion in using a DSLR. And, considering the investment so many have made in DSLR accessories and grip equipment it makes sense for the form factor to continue to thrive.

DSLR: It’s not over yet…

The free firmware will be available from April 2013 from