Well this is exciting. Very exciting, in fact.

Canon have today announced the EOS C100, which is the AVCHD recording baby brother of the ubiquitous EOS C300.

When DSLR shooting went nuclear over the last few years, there has been a clamour for Canon to take the large sensor of DSLR and optimise it for video shooters. The C300 was the first answer to this, but with its 50 mega bit per second recording and £9K price tag it was squarely aimed at shooters working for broadcasters. There was a sense within the DSLR community that the camcorder wasn’t quite the low price/large sensor camcorder that would allow them to progress to a fully-fledged video camera.

Well, DSLR people…your time has come. The Canon C100 is slated for release in mid-late November and represents the ideal step up from DSLR shooting. Here are the key features:

  • Same Super 35mm Sensor as the C300 with EOS mount
  • AVCHD recording at 24mbps 4:2:0, 25/24P and 50i/60i, to SD card
  • Uncompressed output from HDMI
  • 2 x XLR Inputs
  • Canon Log Gamma for widest possible dynamic range
  • New Auto Functions…this is interesting, in 2013 support will be added for “continuous, automatic focus and iris adjustment”. It is clear from this that Canon feel the C100 will be used by self-shooters as these functions will certainly make things easier for those working mostly by themselves without the benefit of a crew.

So those are the features: What of the design and ergonomics? Well, it looks like a condensed C300 body with the LCD screen incorporated into the body itself rather than being a separate module. The handle incorporates the XLR inputs which then connect to the body just like the C300. I’m a fan: It makes the whole package nice and compact whilst still maintaining the modular nature of the rest of the Cinema EOS range.

Speaking of “the range”…the Cinema EOS range feels complete with this new addition. You have the C100 now right at the beginning of the range and designed for the post-DSLR shooter, the C300 is for the broadcast crowd who need the higher bitrate, and then you have the upcoming C500 for the commercial and cinema sector. Add to this the curious full-frame/4K motion JPEG 1DC and you have quite an arsenal now from Canon. And to think this all started with adding video to a DSLR!

We now have the C100 on our website with some preliminary pricing. We hope to get our hands on a pre-production model at the IBC Exhibition next week!


Today's blog by Stuart