If last week’s Sony 4K announcement didn’t quite satisfy your appetite for higher-resolution-than-HD imaging then worry no more, because today Canon have also crashed the 4K party with the announcement of two very exciting and powerful new models.

Canon EOS C500

The first is a 4K update of the C300, called a C500 and essentially a 4K version of the aforementioned Super 35mm shooter. Here are the preliminary specs:

  • 8.85MP Sensor
  • 4K/2K output via 3G-SDI x 2 (this explains the large bulge on the right hand side)
  • Same modular design and operation as the C300 camcorder
  • Will be available in both Canon EF mount and PL mounts (just like the C300).

The Canon C500 is clearly designed to be a high resolution tool for top-end acquisition, and will be duking it out with the likes of the Red Scarlet, Red One MX , Sony FS700 and F65 in the world of 4K. No word on pricing yet but we can safely guess that it will be more than its older HD brother, the C300. Be aware that just like the Sony FS700, 4K recording is likely to be via the 3G-SDI and onto an external recorder (not supplied) and the onboard recording is likely to be HD resolution.

Canon EOS 1DC

The second camera announcement is a 4K recording, Full Frame sensor, DSLR-shaped camera called the EOS 1DC. The camera will record 4K onboard using the motion JPEG format, and looks a lot like the Canon 1DS, which also has a full frame sensor. In video mode the camera records in and image size equivalent APS-H, which is larger than Super 35mm (although presumably not as large as full frame).

Obviously these are all preliminary specifications, and when more info is available we will have a more comprehensive idea of the specific camera functions. Hopefully we will see both of these camcorders at the NAB Exhibition next week!


Scheduled release date and RRP for EOS-C500: Q4 2012 - £16,666 + VAT

Scheduled release date and RRP for EOS 1-DC: Q4 2012 - £8,333 + VAT

Please be aware that as these prices are tentative and are subject to change.

Today's blog by Stuart Dennis