One of the best things about Canon’s Cinema EOS range is just how comprehensive it is, offering solutions for each level of acquisition.

The Canon EOS C100 is the perfect step-up from DSLR shooting, offering superior sensor performance and video camera usability. Although the onboard AVCHD codec is not broadcast approved, you can shoot with the C100 for broadcast by simply adding an external recorder like the Atomos Ninja 2.

The Canon EOS C300 is now the tried and tested king of documentary broadcast. The 50mbps codec recording camcorder is accepted by the BBC and Sky, has fantastic low light sensitivity and is more compact and lightweight than traditional camcorders used for television.

The Canon EOS C500 builds on the C300 by adding 4K Raw output through dual 3G-SDI outputs, so when using an external recorder like the Convergent Design Odyssey Q7 you can record in stunning 4K resolution.

The Canon EOS 1DC is the ultimate movie-making DSLR, shooting at 1080p in full frame mode or 4K motion Jpeg in Super 35mm. Combine that with the fact that its stills capabilities are the same as Canon’s flagship 1DX…and you have a hugely flexible tool.

Canon’s Cinema EOS Range isn’t just about cameras: The Cine Lens range offers 4K performance at a unique price-point as well. The Interest Free Credit offer extends to Canon’s movie-making optics as well!

Remember, we have the C100, C300, C500 and Cine Prime lens set here on display in our showroom for a demo.