After a short break we’re back with news and updates from IBC 2011.

Next up is the latest on Convergent Design’s Gemini Recorder. This is their uncompressed 4:4:4 recorder designed for cameras with dual HD-SDI output capability: cameras like the Sony F3, Arri Alexa and of course our Iconix HD-RH1 minicam.'s

We got to see a working model in the flesh and it looked great. Good quality build and a nice sharp monitor screen. The unit records to Convergent Design’s own Solid State Drives, which come in capacities of 250GB (£529 + vat) and 512GB (£929 + vat). It’s also not overly power hungry, using up 12-14w when recording and 6-8w when not.

Unleash your inner camera

Do you own an Arri Alexa? Here is some good news: Convergent Design plan to give the Gemini the ability to record Arri RAW in the future.

Furthermore if you’re a Sony F3 owner and want to get the best out of your camera, get yourself the Sony F3 S-Log upgrade (it’s brilliant and available here) and then get one of these Gemini recorders on order. You’ll have yourself the equivalent of a lightweight Arri Alexa at a fraction of the price.

The Gemini is slated for availability by mid-late October.