Sky is making a massive effort to try and convert subscribers to 3D-TV. The question we really need to ask ourselves is, “Do we want 3D-TV in our homes?”

Consumers are being pushed from pillar to post to decide on which new technology to buy. 3D output is great for cinemas, but do consumers really want to spend over £1000 on a new TV only to have to wear a pair of special glasses in order to watch it? As the consumer tries to decide if 3D is a worthwhile investment, do production companies really need to put effort into producing shows for BBC, Sky, Channel 4 etc…? A prevailing view is that 3D is a phase that we will pass pretty quickly and therefore production companies should really take efforts out of making programs for this platform, and focus on improving 2D content.

Glasses are a key part of making 3D content come to life but manufacturers need to really address the issue with eye strain. More than 3% of the country is classified as wearing either glasses or contact lenses. If these 3% were told to wear special glasses just to watch TV, imagine with potential harm this could cause with long periods of viewing.

As an industry, we all really need to think if 3D is here to stay, and if it is then how can it be safe and affordable for everyone?

Ben Holmes