Ever had a soggy softie?

If you are humble enough to admit you've had one, you might like to know about how to avoid another one in the future.

Rycote are introducing the Super-Softie which can be squeezed dry when wet. It can also be rinsed and squeezed out if it gets too dusty.























Of course the wind noise absorbing performance is the most important feature though. The Super-Softie retains the excellent wind noise reduction of a conventional cavity windshield (Softie).  A new material - 3D-Tex™ - combines excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise. It has no rigid internal structure, so causes virtually no polar pattern distortion and is extremely robust in challenging environments such as news-gathering. It has a novel aerodynamic shape and surface structure too.

The shape & structure of the Super Softie allows it to reduce wind noise at extreme LF and infrasonic frequencies - where the greatest wind energy lies - more efficiently than previous designs.


Full details here ... Rycote Super-Softie