The NEX-FS100E and HXR-NX70E camcorders will have new firmware in March 2012. This will be made available on and customers will be able to install it.

Key Features:


-60Hz / 50Hz switchable recording modes

-Camera Profile storage on a memory card

-Expanded Focus (x4/x8, selectable focus area)

and more


-Zoom rocker operation improvement

-Simultaneous Rec. with internal memory and memory card

-720/50p additional recording mode, etc.

and more

The new firmware V.1.20 for PMW-F3 is now available on

Key Features :

- 3D-LINK function (requires CBK-3DL01 option)

- Genlock and synchronization of Timecode.

- Synchronized recording on the SxS card.

- Copying the camera setting from main camera to sub camera.

* Synchronized control of two power zoom lenses will be supported by version 1.30 in January 2012.

- S-Log EI mode (requires CBK-RGB01 option)

- Change EI(Exposure Index) from 400EI 3200EI by 1/3 stop for maintaining more highlight latitude.

- Appropriate Monitor LUT to match EI setting is also supported.

- Supports power zoom lens control (requires SCL-Z18X140)

- Zoom control of the new power zoom lens from F3 by zoom rocker on the side panel.

- Auto Focus, Auto Iris

- Image Stabilizer (Steady shot)

- ARRI LDS lens communication interface (type-A in the Lens IF menu)

- Choose "Type-A" as lens IF setting for communicating with PL lens which has ARRI LDS interface.

- Menu Scroll

- Add loop scroll of the menu as the option of scroll method.