With the small 'point of view' camera currently becoming increasingly popular (thanks to the almost dispossable Gopro), professionals might be looking for something more. How about a global shutter, a max resolution of 2K, HD-SDI outputs and a 2/3" full-HD CMOS sensor?

The Flare 2KSDI camera from IO Industries features dual 3G/HD-SDI outputs, a rugged aluminum body and a handheld remote control.

At the heart of the camera is a 2/3" full-HD CMOS sensor, featuring high sensitivity, low noise, and global shutter technology for crisp action shots. And for special applications, the 2KMSDI and 2KNSDI versions utilise monochrome and near-IR sensors with increased sensitivity for low-light shooting.

All models support single-link HD-SDI output formats including 720p (23.98-60) or 1080p (23.98-30) video. Single-link 3G-SDI output formats are also supported, including 1080p (50-60). Additional formats including 2K and Dual-Link HD-SDI will be added in future firmware releases. For stereoscopic 3D or other multi-camera applications, a tri-level sync input is provided.

The camera uses a standard C-mount allowing many lens options, including a variety of compact C-mount lenses as well as F-mount, B4-mount or PL-mount lenses (using additional adapters). EF-mount lenses can be attached and controlled by the camera using the 2KSDI EF Lens Mount, allowing remote control of focus and aperture settings.

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