Back in 2009 award-winning writer and producer, Stephen Follows began his research on gender participation in the UK film industry.

He looked at gender roles within the film business, which included audience involvement and UK film crews.

According to Stephen, 42% of professionals working in the film industry worldwide are women – in the UK, 39% of film professionals are female.

In China, Russia and Hong Kong over 50% of professionals in their respective industries are women.

Further research found that on average women wrote 42% of films most popular with female audiences in the UK.

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Additional research that looked into gender roles within UK film crews states that between 2009 and 2013 26.2% of crew members working in the industry were women.

Departments where women are in the majority include make-up, casting, costume and production. Where as visual effects, which is arguably the largest department on most major movies has only 16.5% women.

Richard suggests that: “The film business is often accused of being an elitist industry, containing mostly white, middle class men who live in London.”

He concludes: “Whilst there are always examples of companies and producers who are careful to buck this trend, overall the industry is sadly behind the times.”


More research can be found at Stephen Follows official blog.

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