The best things come in threes…

Normally around this time all the product announcements revolve around the first day of NAB. On Monday all the trade press and retailers are running around the aisles getting the scoops and busily blogging away.




















Canon made it easier on us all this year by pre-announcing their next set of product launches.

On the camcorder front we’ve got the XF200 and XF205. They build on the tremendous success of their existing XF range, and add a host of unique features, including a 20x optical zoom, OLED display, and built in Wi-Fi. The cameras use the same 50mbps 4:2:2 codec as the rest of the XF range, so the workflow remains unchanged.

Building upon the success of the Cinema EOS lens range Canon has announced their first servo driven Super 35mm zoom. The catchily titled CN7X17 KAS S has a focal length from 17-120mm, and is optically designed around a 4K sensor. The drive module is removable, allowing it to be used cinema style if need be. Like the rest of the Cinema Zoom range, it’ll be available in EF or PL mount. Unusually, the mount will feature a flange back backfocus adjustment, reducing the need to shim the lens to correct backfocus errors.

All these product are available to pre-order from PROKIT.