How Syrp, originators of the Genie motion control device, turned three shipping containers into workshop and office space.

This is what they said:

 "We’ve recently made the trek up to the North Island (New Zealand) and moved into a new 250m2 warehouse and office space where we will be assembling a team for R&D, Sales & Marketing. Each week the office has been taking shape and slowly transforming into a workable environment and eventually an awesome design studio. Once complete we’ll have an area where we can run film premieres so we’re looking forward to inviting you all down! Rather than build walls and anything permanent we instead bought 3 shipping containers and will use two of them for a workshop with CNC machine and testing area while the other one will act as a meeting room. All the office/desk space will be open in the middle."


Move 1


Moving in

Move 2

Doors all cut out ....

New HQ.

Move 4

Move 5

Big chalkboard to the right and workshop made up of two containers.