Is it a drone? Is it a windjammer? WRONG. It’s AUDIO COPTER.

Audio Copter Pic

Sound recordists rejoice!

No longer will a heavy, bendy boom pole cause strain on your arms…for the time of the Audio Copter has come. The Audio Copter perfectly combines the flight of a drone and the wind cancelling qualities of a softie.

Arm Fatigue Reduction


It’s proven that sound recordists feel 50% more tired when they’ve been working 50% longer than on a day when they haven't. Telling figures such as this have inspired the engineers over at Audio Copter to create a system that doesn’t involve holding a heavy pole upward and instead only demands that you hold an iPhone. Over at Audio Copter they call it Arm Fatigue Reduction (AFR)…we call it #progress.


Drone Logic

Using quadro-octa-blade dynamics and 3 ½ axis gimbal stabilisation, the Audio Copter replaces your boom pole and allows the sound recordist to float their microphone directly over a scene. Precise and nimble, 82% of sound recordists asked stated that the Audio Copter was more fun to use than a traditional boom pole. But don’t just listen to us, here’s what our test subjects had to say:

“I feel like one of those guys on Youtube. What a feeling” – Alex, new to the industry

“Can’t wait to pit it against the camera operator in a built-up area” – Dan, highly competitive sound recordist

“I’m going to film this, colour grade all of the shadows a sort of greyish blue and put it on Vimeo” – most other filmmakers we asked


Noise Cancellation

To account for the sound of the motors, the basket is fitted with 16 layers of 4DTex material giving you 240 decibel impedance meaning you hear absolutely nothing. What other device offers such a level of silent operation?

audiochart copy

Licence Free

The guys over at Audio Copter care about your safety. But they care more about your fun! As such, no licenses are required for Audio Copter operators. If you feel up to it, then you’re up to it! So don't delay, get in touch and get one on order! (Shipping in Summer 2019).

Key features

  • iPhone App for control
  • 4K Ready
  • 14 Stop Dynamic Range
  • 12G-SDI
  • Available in animal prints such as Zebra, Leopard and Snake
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up
  • Perfect for midweek entertaining


For a limited time we will offering the Audio Copter for only £14,900 + vat. Get in contact today!