We've now put iPhone™ photo/video/audio accessories, as well as GoPro compatible accessories onto our Prokit website. These have been offered for a while now by our sister business GoCam.tv - for better shots on the go.

Products include the iPro Lens system for iPhone 4 and 5, including wide angle attachments, a fisheye, a telephoto adapter and a macro lens.


There's also the Outride by Mophie and Miveu-X which allow you to use an iPhone™ for action sports.

We also think that the Steadicam Smoothee is a fantastic tool for both iPhone and GoPro users.

The iFootage mini jib is also a really effective tool for these cameras.



RØDE have some remarkably good products (aren't they always) for the iPhone™. A  lavalier mic called Smart Lav, and a stereo mic attachment called iXY.