Hi All,


Yesterday some of you were expecting GoPro's announcement of their latest edition to the ever popular 'Hero Camera' range, but what no one was expecting was what this tiny little camera would be capable of.


Introducing the GoPro Hero 3 'Black' Edition:



The table below gives you all the specs in both PAL & NTSC.

Video Resolution NTSC fps PAL fps STD Mode Protune Mode Field of View (FOV) Screen Resolution/ Aspect Ratio
4K 15 fps 12.5 fps NO ONLY in Protune Ultra Wide 3840x2160 16:9
4K Cin 12 fps 12 fps NO ONLY in Protune Ultra Wide 4096x2160 17:9
2.7K 30 fps 25 fps YES* YES Ultra Wide 2716x1524 16:9
2.7K Cin 24 fps 24 fps YES* YES Ultra Wide 2716x1440 17:9
1080p 60, 48, 30, 24 fps 50, 48, 25, 24 fps YES YES Ultra Wide, Medium, Narrow 1920x1080 16:9
1440p 48, 30, 24 fps 48, 25, 24 fps YES YES Ultra Wide 1920x1440 4:3
960p 100, 48 fps 100, 48 fps YES YES Ultra Wide 1280x960 4:3
720p 120, 60 fps 100, 50 fps YES YES Ultra Wide, Narrow* 1280x720 16:9
WVGA 240 fps 240 fps YES NO Ultra Wide 848x480 16:9

Note: *May require a firmware update on camera


Yep, you read it correctly, the Hero 3 Black edition is capable of 4K recording. Whilst you can only record in 4K at a measly 12.5fps (PAL), just imagine what your time lapses would look like when using the on-board function! On top of these mind blowing specs the camera has been redesigned: 30% smaller, 25% lighter with a sharper lens, improved audio and Wifi built in you couldn't really ask for much more in a POV cam.


As with all Gopro releases, there are a number of premium accessories available for your camera, these include:


The Frame:

This replaces the Skeleton Housing and will give you the best possible sound out of the water as well as giving you easy access to the cameras inputs and outputs.







LCD Touch BacPac:

This builds upon the Original LCD Bacpac through new features such as touch sensitive operation, instant slo-mo playback and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Also supplied with a protective case.





Battery BacPac:

Same function as the original release but now comes in black and supplied with a protective case.







There is also a number of variants to be released in the 'White' and 'Silver' editions. These are the same spec as the Hero 1 and 2 respectively but in the new reduced size housing and will be priced accordingly. These editions will also be Wifi enabled but the Wifi remote will only be available as a separate item.

When can I buy this fantastic new product you ask? The White, Silver and premium accessories will be shipping from October 25th and the souped up 'Black Edition' will be available from November 30th. Just in time for Christmas then?


Check out GoPro's sexy new release video below.