JVC Professional have announced that their camcorders can stream live broadcasts in HD quality.

Using JVC's GY-HM650/850/890 camcorders, a new partnership with Zixi makes this possible. Compared to conventional transmission methods, the advantages of IP broadcasting technology take full effect in the field and make live video data transfer easier. In particular, ENG and EFP applications benefit from minimised technical effort, large cost savings, easy handling and more efficient workflows. Furthermore, signal transmission is secure and lossless, with minimal latency.

The first result of the cooperation between JVC and Zixi is an integrated IP broadcasting service included on the JVC GY-HM650, GY HM850 and GY-HM890 camcorders. There’s no need for any additional equipment.

Zixi’s streaming technology applies advanced content-aware error correction to compensate packet loss, which may occur during data transmission via wireless internet connections. In this operating mode, the decoder dynamically analyses internet link performance (Link Monitoring) and ensures that the camera will make bandwidth adjustments. If necessary, data packets are transmitted again with resultant latency being kept within tight limits. This advanced forward error correction is able to reliably compensate jitter and packet loss, up to 30 percent. By doing this, stable data streaming under difficult conditions is ensured – even if signal detection of conventional systems fails. For safety reasons, LCD monitor and camera viewfinder display streaming status and signal quality. On the receiving side, only a Zixi-compatible decoder or server is required. Using Zixi services, additional features such as time shift streaming, cloud-based recording and playback from the data cloud are also available.

Zixi technology is already in use by Over-The-Top (OTT) content platforms, internet and mobile video service providers, broadcasters, satellite and fibre optic network providers, news agencies, live sports producers, video conferencing systems for business and many institutions from different sectors.