Kino Flo® Lighting Systems’ has introduced it's new Tegra 4Bank dimming softlight which combines the soft, glamour light quality of the award-winning Kino Flo 4Bank System with the dimming and power savings of the best-selling Diva-Lite® fixture.

Features include onboard dimming and switching, remote dimming, universal input voltage, power factor correction, plus Kino Flo’s new 180 degree integrated barndoors with newly designed hinge and honeycomb louver.

The Tegra 4Bank produces as much light as a 1000W tungsten softlight using only one tenth the amount of power, yet operates high output, flicker-free and dead quiet. The Tegra 4Bank includes a center mount system ideal for rigging in tight locations or on a light stand. The fixture takes 2900K, 3200K and 5500K (CRI95) True Match® lamps that display a full range of high color rendering soft light.