Earlier this year Prokit became a UK distributor for Small HD monitors and we have been stocking their excellent DP7 range ever since.

DP7 Line Up

One of the key features of the DP7 monitors has been the ability to upload 3D-LUTs onto an SD card and then use them on the monitor. At Prokit we’ve seen a growing number of camera users shooting with flat, wide-dynamic range picture profiles, often out to external recorders. Previously this has often meant that shooters are seeing a flat image on their monitors as they are taking the HDMI/HDSDI feed directly out of their external recorder which is capturing their flat image. Sure, flat high dynamic range images are great for grading, but from a focus and exposure perspective whilst actually shooting, a flat picture can be difficult to work with. The DP7’s ability to use LUT files loaded onto the SD cards meant that users could see a more “final” looking image on the monitor even when shooting with a flat profile, but relied on the operator having access to LUT files created in DI programs such as Da Vinci Resolve.

Preset Looks and In-Monitor Grading:


The latest firmware update for the DP7 range adds not only preset “Looks” for the more common flat profiles in use (Canon Log, S-Log 1 & 2 etc) but also the neat ability to create a grade on the monitor and then save that to the SD card. The picture below shows how adding the right preset Look to your flat image can really help give you and your director a clearer indication of the final result, and help you expose properly:

Small HD DP7 Log Presets

The pictures below give you an indication of how the custom look creation works, and you can see a video demonstration made by Small HD by clicking here.

Small HD 3

The latest firmware addition is available to download here. Remember we have the DP7 range, with the DP7 Pro, DP7-OLED and DP7-High-Brightness on display here in our showroom hooked up to a variety of camcorders.