We are very grateful to these three gentlemen. They invented LEDs.

Nobel prize winners
















A genuine 'game changer' for cinematographers, broadcasters, video professionals and photographers. Prokit offers our thanks and congratulations.

Akasaki (left), Hiroshi Amano (center) and Shuji Nakamura are displaying their Nobel Prize in Physics after receiving them this week.
The Japanese born physicists first produced bright blue light from semi-conductors in the early 1990s. The Nobel committee stated: “After several years of hard work, with great persistence, skills and perhaps a bit of luck, they were able to produce fine gallium nitride crystals and give them the properties needed for efficient light emission.” There were around 2000 experiments in all.
Our smart phones glow brighter, our homes use less power, and our production lighting is ...... well, you decide. Easier possibly, lighter to carry, more creative as you are not necessarily tied to the mains, and so on.

Lowel, AAdyntech, Hexolux, Dedolight, BB&S, KinoFloNila, Litepanels, Blind Spot, and many more would surely agree.