Lowel-Light has released the first 2 models of their new Lowel Prime LED Lighting System, the Prime 400 and Prime 200, in dedicated tungsten colour models. Both models will be followed shortly by their daylight colour counterparts.

Lowel Prime LED's are brighter than many similarly sized studio LEDs, with a much wider, more usable 50 degree beam angle. They are fully DMX addressable, dimmable & controllable, and have a host of available accessories.

Lowel Prime LED's have a Colour Rendering Index of 91+, or photo quality colour output. The tungsten colour models have a colour temperature of 3300 degrees Kelvin, which will mix well with tungsten-halogen fixtures. Daylight colour models are expected to have 5600K colour temperature. The colour temperature of Lowel Prime LEDs can also be tweaked slightly, warmer or cooler, to match other fixtures in colour critical situations.

We currently have the 400 and 200 models in our showroom, so pop in for a demo.