Now things get exciting. Well, not “now” exactly, but soon.

One of the biggest hassles of the post-DSLR era has been how to put your Canon lenses on your new Sony F3 or FS100.

The issue is the iris: without a Canon DSLR body you can’t control the aperture as both Canon lenses and bodies speak in their own electronic language. The only way to use your Canon glass on one of the new Sony bodies right now is to use a straight-forward mount adapter that can’t communicate with the lens, meaning you need your Canon DSLR with you for F-stop adjustments…

At IBC 2011, Mike Tapa of lens adapter company MTF Services demonstrated a prototype of their Canon adapter for the Sony F3. Pictured below, it allows you to control the iris on your Canon lens via a small box on a lead from the adapter.


We saw it, it was real…and it worked. It’s expected to be available around Xmas time, and hopefully we should see a version for the Sony FS100 as well. No word on price yet but based on the MTF adapter range we have on our website already (which you can see here: our guess is “very reasonable”.

Keep checking back for updates.


By Stuart Dennis