New high-transmission, scratch-resistant, low-profile screw-in filters from Tiffen.


Sorry, that was quite a mouthful, but we wanted to tell you just how good these new filters are. Tiffen call them their new DIGITAL HT range. They are all screw-in types covering all lenses from 82 mm. to 52 mm.

Tiffen HT-filters from Prokit



The new Digital HT designation stands "High Transmission". The filters offer the strength of a Titanium coating combined with the purest optical quality glass and Tiffen’s Academy-Award-winning ColorCore technology.

They present unmatched scratch-resistant durability : really, they do. That means you don't have to worry about cleaning them with the same degree of caution you may have felt you need to do in the past.

Also, they are fitted into a low profile titanium finish ring and anti-reflective black lock ring. This again sets these filters apart from the rest.

We are going to stock the following types:

Ultra Clear.

ND 0.6 Grad.

ND 0.6 Solid.

ND 1.2 Solid.

Circular Polariser.

812 Warming.