New low cost riser for sliders.  It's an elegantly simple design with a feature that will make you smile: the price.

A smoothly cast bowl that allows you place your fluid head on a flat surface (such as a wooden base or slider's platform) has typically cost several hundred pounds in the past. However, the new Konova K Riser is on sale for just £69 + vat. We think that is remarkably good value.

It attaches directly to all slider carriages with a 3/8" thread. The clever bowl design accepts either 75mm or 100mm bowl fluid heads. You'll need quite a short fluid head clamp such as those supplied with Miller, Sachtler or E-Image heads. The clamps originally supplied with most Manfrotto or Sachtler Ace heads are a little too long.

Add two more axis of direction to your slider set up!