Sound Devices PIX 220 and PIX 240 firmware revision 2.00 provides the following new features and changes.

  • New: LCD Monitor Menu with Exposure Assist, Focus Assist and Flip Display features.
    • Exposure Assist includes False Color and Zebra Stripes options and is activated using LCD + FILES buttons
    • Focus Assist includes Peaking Filter and Edge Enhance algorithms. Activate Focus Assist using LCD + MENU buttons
  • New: 1:1 Pixel Mapping Zoom function to further aid focusing of HD video. Activate using LCD + AUDIO.
  • New: Image brightness, contrast, and chroma adjustments in LCD popup menu. Only affects signal on the LCD display of the PIX recorder.
  • New: Support for Standard Definition recording and playback
  • New: Ability to create and delete cue markers using the FILES button during recording or playback
  • New: Locate to cue marker function using Rewind and Fast Forward keys
  • New: Loop Play mode allowing looping from start to end of a clip or between consecutive cue markers
  • New: Support for Analog + SDI/HDMI audio input combinations

In all a very impressive update.

You can find the update here: and remember to follow the installation instructions to the letter.