Prokit now sell brand new small, portable lighting kits from Lowel and Ikan.

Lowel Slimlight Kits

Today's state of the art compact cameras let you travel light and work in low-light levels. But you still need to light, to make your subject stand out & shine against the back-ground, or to strike the right visual mood. The SlimLight Interview Series includes 4 new kit combinations, designed to give you versatile, creative lighting options in a sleek, easy to carry package.

Each kit contains a 200W Rifa eX 44 dedicated tungsten-halogen softlight, matched with either compact colour mixing Lowel Blender LED(s), or focusable tungsten-halogen 200W Pro-light(s), plus Uni TO Stands, all in a portable Slim Litebag.

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Ikan LED Three Head Kits

These two new kits from Ikan include 3 lightweight LED heads with batteries and charger making them a perfect solution for on location work. The IB508 Kit gives you the ability to change colour temperatures between 3200-5600K, so you can easily match your surroundings without worrying about filters. The ID508 Kit is daylight only, but gives a brighter output for when you need a bit more punch.

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