Gabriel Beristan, ASC, BSC, talks on the OCONNOR website about some of the things that have inspired him. Prokit shares some of his thoughts with you:

What is one of your favorite locations that you’ve shot and why?

I have been to so many places in the world that it would be unfair to single out one. If I must, however, I would pick the Orkney Islands in Scotland. Why? Because the North Sea and the Atlantic meet there, because it is a spectacular sight, because the light is absolutely wonderful at every time and yet it changes constantly, but, contrary to the idea that sometimes you have good light and then turns into bad, there the light is fleeting but every change has its own beauty.

Give us an example of a movie, a sequence, that says “this is what making movies is all about”.

Because of its close affinity with most other arts, filmmakers tend to forget that film has a language of its own, and a very specific one. David Mamet once told me that the needs of the camera must be a character in the film. I totally agree. There are so many great examples of what a movie is all about – but one of my favorites is Cabaret, a fantastic story that celebrates most of the source materials that make for a great film but also flaunts its own film grammar. With a visual metaphor here, or a powerful and precise editing cut there, and supremely staged everywhere, Bob Fosse and his cinematographer, Geoffrey Unsworth, managed to create a film that resonates in many, many different levels with the collective consciousness of its audience.

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