Phil Coates is a very interesting man ...  he has worked in some of the most challenging environments on earth: in temperatures from -52°C to +48°C and at altitudes of up to 8,000 metres. Phil is an accomplished director/cameraman specialising in remote location productions. His next challenge is to deliver a Masterclass at Prokit on Tuesday 13th. May 2014!!






His television documentaries have been commissioned for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ABC Australia, Avro Netherlands, Discovery International and National Geographic Television and include; ‘Ice Lab: North Pole’ - the story of the Catlin Arctic Survey, ‘North Pole Ice Airport’, ‘Everest Beyond The Limit’, ‘Blizzard Race To The Pole’, ‘Ice Break Heart’, ‘Going North’ and ‘Five Miles High’.







Starting his TV career at BBC Science & Features and the BBC Natural History Unit, Phil went on to specialise in shooting observational documentaries that aim to capture the real and raw emotion of expeditions and remote location assignments.





He has become a CANON EXPLORER, part of Canon's renown Canon Ambassador Program. His first video camera was a Canon L1 Hi8 pro camcorder bought for an expedition to the Karakorams mountain range in Pakistan. He now owns and operates a range of HD camcorders from the XA25 through to the C300.