Prokit 3 Wise Men Day- now available to view on Livestream.

We broadcast the 3 seminars at our 3 Wise Men Day LIVE, on 17th. December 2013. If you would like to see them again, or for the first time, you can see them here:

Keep a note pad to hand. There's a huge amount of useful insight, knowledge and experience being passed on.

Andy Bell enlightened the audience with the fundamentals of multi-point interview and documentary lighting setups. He showed how to get the best shots in the situations you can control, as well as those you can’t.

Chris Woolf, Rycote’s Technical Consultant, gave a seminar on getting the most out of the audio capabilities of your camera. The talk covered the basics of microphone design, how placement affects microphone pickup, and the accessories you can use to make your audio excel.

Matt Davis took the audience through the essentials of chromakey with his useful effervescence and humour. He discussed choosing a background, lighting it evenly, and setting up your camera for the best results.