Last week the most-populous city of France, Paris played host to the Canon Expo and on parade at the event was the Japanese manufacturer’s forthcoming 8K camera offering.

With the ability to shoot content at a resolution of 35 million pixels, the video stream of this new EOS camera from Canon is split for recording to four recorders due to the high bit rate.

Currently in development, the camera will boast a super 35mm CMOS sensor, plus a frame rate of 60fps. Furthermore, it will also be able to shoot at 4K with the option to shoot at a 4K crop.


A spokesperson for Canon said: “Our first 8K camera in the Cinema EOS system will allow you to take incredibly detailed 35 megapixel videos at up to 60fps, while a low aberration 8K lens brings unrivalled clarity and sharpness to the image.”

The three-day show took place in the 15,000-sqm-exhibition space of the Grande Hall de la Villete with more than 12,500 delegates, including a member of Prokit, attending the Expo.

Imaging innovation
On display in Paris was the company’s prototype 250 megapixel CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing images and details far beyond what the human eye can see.


Rokus van Iperen, who is the president and CEO of Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "We are excited about the huge opportunities the shifting landscape presents and believe that in the future every image should have a connection with Canon.

He added: “Whether it is taking the image, recording, storing, editing or printing it we want to play a part and are building businesses to do this.”

During the event we got up close and personal with Canon’s prototype handheld Personal Display System. The HMD (Head-Mounted Display) has a wide 120 degrees viewing angle, plus built-in head tracking technology. The trial product gives users the ability to experience photos, videos, and sound in any direction.


All this is capable because of Canon’s newly developed, high-resolution, liquid crystal panels and ocular lens – all closely matches human visual characteristics.

Finally, an iPad App specifically designed for the C300 MK II was on show at the Expo. It boasts touch AF, plus a lower latency stream. Moreover, while in Paris we got to see a prototype of the new 600mm F4 lens - which is 30% smaller than the current model version on offer.