Exclusive to Prokit.

We have compiled two new LED Lighting Kits, and named them after Planets. Both the Prokit Saturn Lighting Kit and the Gekko Jupiter lighting kit  feature three LED fixtures in soft broad or spot combinations to offer maximum versatility. Both cost around £1700 + vat.


The Prokit Saturn LED lighting kit includes one Dedo DLED4 dimmable daylight head focusing from a useful 60 degrees down to a tight 4 degrees, with mains power supply (battery power supply available as an optional extra). There are two lightweight Ikan IFD576 broad dimmable daylight heads with a soft character, and mains power supply. They also have a v-lok battery plate and 4 pin XLR input. (batteries not supplied). Three lightweight Muraro stands and an excellent Petrol Lite Case with dividers completes the package. A big output in a small package!



The Gekko Jupiter LED lighting kit feels quite different. A Gekko K7 punchy little dimmable head is complimented by two Karesslite 100 heads. These are a broad source, fully dimmable, with dial-in colour temperature control. A softbox with half frost front, as well as a lantern with grid are also included. That's a lot of versatility! The karesslite power supplies can also be run off v-lok batteries (not supplied). Together with three lightweight stands, this all packs into a compact backpack.