Remember the TV show “Sliders”, starring John Rhys-Davies? Well if you’ve come to our blog today expecting a nostalgic piece on 90’s Science Fiction television then you’re in the wrong place (sorry), because today’s blog is about the excellent new SmartSlider Pro 800 system.

We’ve always been big into grip equipment at Prokit. We supply two dolly systems already (the Wally Dolly and Losmandy systems) but for the cameraperson or filmmaker looking for some simple movement without the bulk of a floor mounted dolly, a slider is the ideal tool.

Our SmartSlider Pro 800 is a portable, sturdy and lightweight slider system. The unit has 800mm of carriage travel, can handle a weight of 20KG and can mount directly onto a tripod half-bowl or onto two lighting stands. It’s smooth, well-built and its high weight capacity makes it a flexible system for many different camera types.

You can also add a High Hat section if you want to use your tripod head with full bowl-levelling, and a soft case is available also for easy transportation.

At Prokit we have sampled many different slider systems over the past couple of years and until now we hadn’t found a system that satisfied us: most sliders either fell into the “ultra-cheap” category (i.e not very good), or they were over-engineered and therefore very expensive. At £655 + vat we feel that the SmartSlider800 combines quality with value for money. We can't stop playing with it: it's just perfect for simple moves.

We have the SmartSlider Pro 800 on display here in our showroom, so feel free to come down and try the system with your camera and tripod head.

By Stuart Dennis