The Atlas Middleweight Gimbal Support System is the invention of American award-winning independent filmmaker, Michael Knowles.

Back in 2008 Michael was inspired to create the Atlas after completing his second feature film.

“Finding myself exhausted at the end of each day’s shoot, I searched for an affordable solution that would take the weight off my arms and shoulders,” explained Michael.

“There were many stabilization devices on the market, but all of them added more weight to my load, and they were expensive. Disappointed, I set out to make something that would work for me."

Accompanied by his wife, Kathy, the couple designed their first prototype after several rounds of testing. By 2009 the final version was created and launched that very same year.


Ease of use
The system is the perfect fit for gimbals – the two rods allow for two points of connection, resulting in a more balanced and even weight-distribution from your arms and shoulders to your core.

The kit includes a two-rod system premium harness, two long adjustable webbing straps allowing easy adjustment, plus a high-density, water-resistant compact nylon-carrying bag.

What’s next?
Patent approved, and made in America the Atlas middleweight gimbal support system allows users to shoot longer and achieve smoother shots.

Michael and Kathy (Atlas) are not stopping there, and say that: “We are continuously doing new research and development on how to refine and improve the Atlas for the user as well as designing smart, simple and effective accessories to complement and enhance the product.”