Hi all,


It has been a long time coming and we can finally say that Prokit has become the first UK distributor for SmallHD's fantastic range of monitors and accessories! If you are unfamiliar with their product, then you are in for a treat!

SmallHD have gained a huge following by creating high quality, feature packed and user friendly monitors at a great price. They have also created a range of accessories for all of their monitors including handles, screen protectors, sun hoods and signal splitters and can be configured in a way that works best for you.


Small HD-DP4We'll start off with the popular DP4:

With a 4.3" 800 x 480 LCD, the SmallHD DP4 is  the perfect on board monitor for DSLR shooters who need focus/exposure assists  and operators of larger cameras who need both an extra screen or viewfinder (using the additional loupe accessory). Inside the box you will find a screen protector, hood, LP-E6 (Canon 5/7D) battery plate, ball head mount, HDMI cables and more, which makes is the most complete kit on the market!

Software features include: focus assist , false colour, DSLR Scaling, pixel to pixel and more.

Price ex.VAT: £305.00


Now we move onto the wonderful DP7 range of monitors:

It comes in three flavours: the 7" DP7-PRO, 7.7" DP7-OLED and 7" DP7-HIGH BRIGHT and all make great monitors for camera operators, assistants and directors due to their slimline, sturdy design and packed with so many features we couldn't possibly list them all here. Don't worry though we will cover the main ones below.

As well as your usual features such as peaking, zebra, waveforms and scopes, SmallHD have listened to the modern film maker and introduced '3D LUT Technology' into the DP7 range. This means that if you are shooting in a flat picture profile you can overlay the "final graded look" giving you a far more pleasing image to look at and keeping your director or client happy. These can be uploaded with the supplied SD card.




The DP7-PRO is the most cost effective of the bunch and loaded with a 7" high-res 1200 x 800 LCD, 24 quick-access ‘Smart-Keys, full-screen Waveform/Scopes and 2-way cross conversion allowing you convert HDMI to SDI and vice versa.



Price ex.VAT: £895.00




The DP7-OLED takes everything from the DP7-PRO and slaps a 7.7" 1200 x 800 OLED screen making it one of the most colour accurate HD monitors you can buy! The touch screen also allows even easier access to the great features.



Price ex.VAT: £1470.00



DP7-PRO-HBLast but not least is the DP7-HIGHT BRIGHT which is the perfect choice for the shooter who finds themselves, more often than not, outside in less that ideal conditions. It shares the same spec as the 7" 1200 x 800 DP7-PRO but is three times brighter allowing you to get those perfect shots even in the brightest of conditions.



Price ex.VAT: £1920.00



Every DP7 field monitor comes with a mains adapter and SD card for those LUTs. A multitude of battery plates are available including Sony NPF, Canon BP series and V-Lock and if you want to power your whole set up off of one battery we keep D-Tap cables in stock too.


All monitors are available to demo and to buy in our showroom.