Prokit Visits the BSC Show 2012 at Elstree

This last weekend the Prokit team visited the British Society of Cinematographers show at Elstree Studios. Housed in the historic George Lucas Stage, this small and laidback exhibition displays the latest cinematic hardware for location and studio shooting. It's the kind of place where you can get your hands on an Arri Alexa, check out a high-end stereoscopic 3D rig (complete with Red Epics x 2) and watch a motion control crane in action. And by that: I mean it's pretty cool.

Aside from the plethora of digital cinema cameras was some exciting new LED lighting from some of film and television lighting's most esteemed brands...

The UK distributor for Dedo took us through some prototype LED heads based on the ubiquitous and brilliant DLH4 tungsten head. They are daylight balanced, have low power consumption and emit the kind of clean, focusing beam that you only get with a Dedo. You will be also be able to to use the heads with DLH4 accessories (projector attachments etc) with the use an adapter.

It's taken Kinoflo some time to make an entrance into the world of LED and their upcoming Celeb head is a well-designed and predictably high quality piece of kit. Programable colour temperatures, an ultra slim profile and an effective diffusion panel combine to make what will clearly be one the better keylight/softlight LED heads available. Similar to Diva in width, it doesn't so much replace Kino's small fluorescent range but complement it. Speaking of Kinoflo fluorescent heads: we also saw the new Tigra head, which is like a 4Foot 4Bank but with a built in ballast that can now dim the output.

At BVE Expo at Earls Court next week we will have the new Lowel Prime tungsten LED heads on display, but some were lucky enough to get a glimpse at the BSC show. Lowel have a long history of studio fluorescent lighting, and the Prime LED heads are the evolution of the this . Low power consumption with DMX control, these are sturdy, powerful and accurate LED heads. We'll have pricing on our website soon.

BSC is a fun, small show with some serious film industry hardware. If you want to see some kit in person then come down to BVE Expo next week at Earls Court 14-16 February and visit us at Stand H14. We won’t have the kind of blinding 4K HMI lights and hefty camera trucks you get at the BSC Show, but we will have some smaller scale movie-making tools like the Canon C300 35mm sensor camcorder and high bitrate external recorders. Definitely worth a visit.

By Stuart Dennis