A fabulously staged evening kept a huge audience at the Prince Charles Cinema (PCC), Leicester Square, London, enthralled for over 3 hours on 3rd. December 2013, for the inaugural Digital Cinema Festival. Organised by Movie Machine ( @RYMovie Machine ), led by Rick Young, the evening showed the top ten entries to the festival, interspersed with presentations from leading image creators citing real-world experiences. Rick led the evening explaining why we need RAW and showed how he has been using the Black Magic Cinema Camera*. Den Lennie sent in a presentation on his location work  - he was in LA at the time! Josh Fortune and members of his production team also talked about their use of the MBCC. James Tomkin extolled the virtues of his RED Epic and showed us some glorious footage. A not-too-convincing demonstration of using Edius followed. However, Matt Davis rounded off the evening with an entertaining, lightning-speed, highly condensed presentation explaining why he absolutely loves the Canon C100. (we share his view)

All festival entries were shown using the 2K projector at the PCC. The cameras used by each entrant was stated, and offered a welcome opportunity for comparisons to be made. They included various Canon DSLRs including the 5D Mk III, BMCC, Sony FS700, F3, Alexa and RED Epic. Of course, the judges emphasised that the content and execution of each short film overrode the equipment used.

The winner, together with all the entries, will appear on the Movie Machine site in due course. http://www.moviemachine.tv/digital-cinema-festival/

We STRONGLY urge you to take a look at the winner. It will stir a reaction in you, we promise. But, we won't tell you why!

* PROKIT has experienced poor supply issues with this camera, and consequently many disappointed potential clients. However, the camera still seems like good value for money (as does the Black Magic Pocket Camera) .... when you can get it.