Prokit now has six models of Astra to offer you. From Litepanels of course!


Litepanels introduced a new 1 x 1 LED panel light late in 2014. Called the Astra, it looked like Litepanels re-gained their market leading spot in the genre that they invented. Now they have expanded the range that they offer, with 3 versions each of Bi-Color or Daylight only head.



The Litepanels Astra is up to 4 times brighter than the original 1 x 1 panel. At full output a virtually noiseless fan keeps the high output panel running cool. You can switch it down to half power, and the fan turns off. The Bi-Color model features full dimming, 3200K to 5600K colour temperature tuning, and the option of running from camera batteries. CRI is good.


The Litepanels Astra EP looks much the same but with no fan it incorporates a passive cooling aperture. The output is half the above, but still twice as much as the original.


The Litepanels Astra E looks much the same again, but has no fan and no aperture. The output is about half the EP version, but still a touch more than the original. It is also very well priced.