SmallHD is offering customers the chance to get their hands on a free set of colour grades to recreate the look of various Hollywood films.

The US manufacturer is also publishing video tutorials that will explain how to get the most out of these free LUTs during both pre- and post-production.

“Colour grading will soon be critical to every shooter’s workflow,” comments Wes Phillips, who is the CEO of SmallHD.

“We’re giving away this free pack of looks and colour grading educational material to provide a fun entry point into the world of working with 3D LUTs.”

3D LUTs are pre-defined profiles applied to the monitoring of a camera to give a representation of a corrected image or an image with a specific gamma curve.

Creating a custom LUT is a step further – it can be an on-set tool providing a representation of the final desired image.

SmallHD offers a total of seven different 3D LUTs, each emulating the look of a popular movie including Apocalypse Now, Saving Private Ryan, and The Matrix.

The colour grades and tutorials are available to download for free in .zip file format from:

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