Hi All,
Sony announced two new editions to their 'F series' today with the F5 and the F55. Prokit were lucky enough to get our mits on the cameras a day early and able to snap some pictures of these new and, most likely, soon to be sought after cameras.
First up is the F5:
  • Full HD & 4K
  • Super 35mm 4K CMOS Sensor
  • High Frame Rate of up to 120fps
  • Internal Recording to SxS media
  • Modular Design
  • RAW Recording capability with the new external recorder - AXS-R5
  • 50Mb/s - 4:2:2 Broadcast Accepted HD
  • New XAVC Codec for efficient 4K
  • Arri PL & Sony FZ Mounts

And some of lovely (if very purple) pictures:




Next is the F55. It has the same features as listed above but has these additional features:

  • 240fps (Full HD RAW) or 60fps (4k RAW) with optional AXS-R5 recorder
  • Internal recording at up to 180fps onto SxS media
  • Simultaneous XAVC and MPEG 2 recording to SxS Cards
  • Global Shutter - This virtually eliminates any rolling shutter
  • F65 Colour Gamut

And now some more pictures:


So there you have it, we have no word on release dates or pricing yet but we will let you know as soon as we know.