One of the cooler things in the world of external recorders at the moment is the impending arrival of the Sound Devices Pix recorders. At IBC we got a chance to get our hands on the Pix 220 and 240 recorders and get a feel for one of those most flexible external records around.

You can see a full description of the Pix series capabilities here:


Here are a few of the features we learnt of at IBC:

  • Uses the same Pre-Amp as the Sound Devices “7” series audio recorders
  • The unit can act as a Timecode Lock-It box
  • Built in L-series battery mounts, with power consumption of 15-20w in standby mode (that means 7 hours on standby from 2 x Sony NPF-970 batteries)
  • Uses a UDF files structure and therefore has no maximum file size: no more joining of 2-4GB videos chunks.

We expect the Pix recorders to be coming into stock in 3-4 weeks.