“Sound is critical, but desperately underestimated,” according to sound expert and all round genius, Chris Woolf.

Chris hosted an exclusive Audio Workshop at our showroom in Chiswick, West London back in June in order to give camera operators the chance to improve their knowledge and practical ability when capturing audio.

Topics covered during the one-day event included types of microphones and radio mics on offer, plus how to choose the right kit and get the most out of it.

Also discussed was pre-shoot planning and common audio problems, as well as polar patterns, before putting it all to good use with practical exercises followed by a Q&A session.


“The only way to really get to grips with a sound kit is to just play with all your toys,” explained Chris during the Rycote and The Institute of Videography (IOV) presented workshop.

He added: “You can only read about so much, the best way to learn is to simply play around with it.”

In the 1990s Chris started a regular working partnership with Rycote. Then in 2000, he won a technical OSCAR for his Modular Microphone Mounting system.

Chris Woolf recently became the first Fellow of the Institute of Professional Sound, and is the designer of the 'Lyre' system, a setup now adopted into all of the manufacturer’s microphone suspensions, and patented worldwide.

During the exclusive workshop Chris concluded that: “A boom operator really earns their keep, they will produce phenomenally good sound in places you wouldn’t believe possible.”