It’s been a busy time at Prokit these last couple of weeks but now it is time to talk about the coolest new products we saw at the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam. Read on for the latest Canon camcorder and 4K capable external recorder news…

The DSLR Step Up: Canon C100

We have already written our reaction to the news of Canon’s C100 camcorder but IBC was our chance to get our hands on it. As you can see from the photo it looks similar to the C300 but significantly smaller. It’s designed for those stepping up from DSLR and the small size should come in handy for anyone still wanting a similar sized form factor. We can’t wait to get these into stock at the end of this year.

The 4K-ers: Canon C500 and Canon 1DC

I’m a little bit more in love with the C500 every time I see 4K footage from it. I was lucky enough to go a 4K screening of two movies shot with Canon 4K capable cameras at IBC. "Man and Beast" (Director: Dante Ariola, DoP: Jeff Cronenweth ASC) is the story of a man overcoming a boyhood stutter through talking to animals. I’d seen some of the movie without any sound at the NAB exhibition earlier this year on some 4K monitors and it looked very pretty good even then, so seeing it on a massive screen with a 4K projector was a chance to make an accurate assessment of the C500's cinema credentials. The quality of the image from the 4K projection was stunning (the Vimeo link is sharp, but not 4K sharp of course) and the short is very well made. The C500 is very exciting and further down the page you can read about the recording options that will hit the market soon that get the best out of the C500.

Our Canon 4K adventure didn’t stop at the C500 screening. Also shown via the 4K projector was a short made on the upcoming Canon 1DC camera. "The Ticket" (Director: P Chan, DoP: Shane Hurlbut) is the first short made on the 1DC, and shot primarily with the 4K Motion JPEG compression. The short itself has much more in the style of other short movies you find on Vimeo (slightly wistful storyline/iris wide open for bokey light….you know the sort) but the quality of the 4K image was brilliant and didn’t look highly compressed at all.

I’ve grown excited by the 1DC. Previously I couldn’t figure out how it fit the Cinema EOS range, or even if anyone would be into the DSLR form factor anymore now that well priced alternatives exist. Having seen the 4K, found out that the HDMI output is uncompressed and that the HD recorded on board can lay down at 140mbps, I’m a convert. It’s my 30th birthday next month: I’d like a Canon 1DC please.

External Recorder Options for the Canon C500

Recording 4K ProRes

AJA are following up the popular Ki Pro Mini ProRes recorder with a 4K capable version that will be ideal for the Canon C500. Although the Ki Pro Quad is not capable of recording 4K RAW from the C500, it can record a 10bit 4K resolution file in Pro Res. Combine that 4K ProRes with the flat Canon C-Log profile on the C500 and you’ll have footage in phenomenal 4K resolution with huge dynamic range.

RAW Recording from the C500

If you want the widest dynamic range and highest bitrate from the C500, then you’ll want to record RAW onto a RAW capable recorder. The Convergent Design Gemini RAW is the most compact solution for this, offering 4K RAW recording from the Canon C500 and 2K RAW from the Arri Alexa. It is due early 2013. Another option is the latest Codex Onboard S Recorder, which will handle the RAW stream from the Canon C500 on a removable SSD capture drive.

New Canon Cine and Prime Zoom Lenses

So you’ve got your Canon Cinema EOS C100/300/500/1DC. Now you need some glass for them! IBC this year displayed not only the already-announced Prime Lens kit (which Prokit have just taken stock of for demonstration) but some new primes (a 14mm and a 135mm prototype) and also two new T2.8 constant aperture zooms. The 15.5-47mm T2.8 is an ideal short zoom and the 30m-105mm T2.8 is the slightly longer, less wide option. Just like the whole Canon Cine Lens range they have been designed for 4K production, hold focus through the zooming range and are beautifully made.

Canon 4K Monitor Display and our December 6th Canon Cinema EOS Open Day....

Have you ever seen a 30”4K resolution monitor? If you haven’t then try to see these from Canon. We saw them briefly at NAB and then again at IBC...they are just beautiful. The photo above does not do it justice!

You'll be able to see a selection of the above products during a Canon Cinema EOS open day here at Prokit on Thursday 6th December. More information on the full line up closer to the date!

Today's blog by Stuart Dennis