Don't forget - You can see the Sony PMW-100 and PMW200 at our Sony Open Day right now.


IBC wouldn't be IBC without Sony having a massive, busy stand with lots of new product on display. Here's the latest camera news from Sony in the world of NXCAM and XDCAM Camcorders...


Sony NEX-EA50EH NXCAM Camcorder

We saw Sony’s latest addition to the NXCAM range, the APC-C sensor carrying NEX-EA50EH. Think of this as an ergonomic, shoulder mounted DSLR with XLR inputs/Servo Zoom, HD-SDI output and Genlock capability. It’s ideal for anyone looking for the aesthetic and optical flexibility of a DSLR but with the comfortable feel of a shoulder-mount/EX3 style body shape.

And look, here’s that (slightly dusty) APS-C sensor*:

*No NEX-EA50EH camcorders were harmed in the taking of this photograph.


Sony PMW-100/150/200

Sony took their time going 50mbps 4:2:2 in their smaller cameras. However, introducing three 50mbps recording camcorders in quick succession has changed that and now there's a whole range. At IBC we got our hands on:


The single 1/3” chip 50mbps 4:2:2 recording camcorder:


The three 1/3” chip 50mbps 4:2:2 recording camcorder:



The three 1/2” chip 50mbps 4:2:2 recording camcorder...the picture below is of it in our showroom right now:



PMW-50 & SBAC-US20

This new range of camcorders utilises SxS media for recording and as such we saw two new SxS reading devices at IBC. First of all we saw the PMW-50 (pictured above), which is a rugged SxS record/playback device for field use. We also saw the SBAC-US20, which is the latest SxS card reader from Sony and has the benefit of being USB powered (the older SBAC device requires AC power).


What’s that on the set?

Sony had demonstration models of their top-end 4K F65 camcorder pointed at professionally lit set. Aside from a couple of Arri and Kinoflo fixtures, they were also using a Lowel Rifa LC-88 head. The Rifa 88 is a 1000w dedicated soft light. Come and see the whole range of Rifa lights in our showroom or check it out on the website.

Today's blog by Stuart Dennis